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Suggestions for Sellers

Selling your Maui property is an important decision. Here are some suggestions to assist you.

Suggestion #1

Know your home's value.

The uniqueness of your property determines its value. We've all heard that "location, location, location" determines value. There are, however, other facts that add to value. The appearance of your home-including the improvements and upgrades you have made-add to value. The condition - "pride of ownership" - also adds value. Your neighborhood's historical sale prices and the currently listed properties will also assist you in determining the value.

Suggestion #2

Protect yourself and your home.

Show your property by appointment. While allowing your Realtor® to show your property to other professionals and potential buyers, be sure to put away valuables. Gain agreement with your Realtor® that her/his presence is required during an Open House or for any showings.

And, consider a Sellers Home Protection plan to prevent extra expenses should appliances or systems need repair during the listing and escrow period. Offering a one-year warranty for systems and appliances after closing could add value as well!

Suggestion #3

Understand the purchase contract.

Know the document that you will sign to accept an Offer to Purchase. There will be a Seller's Disclosure form that is also required. Discuss all details with your Realtor® as you prepare to list your home. If you are going to utilize the tax deferred exchange law, as defined by Section 1031 IRS Code of 1986, consult a professional-a legal or tax advisor.

Suggestion #4

Hire the right Realtor® for you.

Your Realtor® becomes a part of your team. Investigate the skills and marketing techniques she/he will "bring to the table." Technology is an integral part of home sales today. Ask for a plan. Ask for a Competitive Market Analysis to help you determine a Listing Price. Ask for a commitment to success.



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